Heart Attitude

Of late, I’ve been giving quite a bit of thought to the similarities between the Christian concept of “the heart” and our attitudes. I’ve even wondered if the two words (in Christian context) couldn’t be used interchangeably.

First, both our physical heart and what we term attitude are at the CENTER of our being. In each case, their usefulness impacts one’s core ability to function. Aren’t both thought of as the center of our being and affecting the whole body’s effectiveness?

Our human heart routes blood in two different directions. Veins carry deoxygenated blood to the heart and arteries bring oxygenated blood back to all the other body structures. In the same way, our attitudes are bent in a negative trend, yet can’t they with a conscious choice of our will be routed in a more positive direction?

No one could deny that the heart is essential to sustaining life. Without the continuous flow of
oxygenated blood all body systems fail and our organs would die. Likewise, a life full of negative attitudes compounds one’s ability to function effectively.

Scientific studies have now proven God’s truth, through research, that having a positive attitude foster’s resiliency and a better ability to manage stress. In the same way, employers have noted increased output, better communication, and higher confidence levels among workers who display a positive attitude. Even seniors with a positive mind-set are less apt to have a sense of helplessness and frailty – making for a better quality of life.

So much in life depends upon our outlook. A positive Christ honoring approach allows us to begin a new task with the end in mind. A good mindset will help us accomplish all that He has called us to do. So just for today, won’t you center up with a good heart attitude?