What can be more refreshing than gazing into a beautiful fountain? Scientists tell us that cascading fountains and other forms of moving water release invisible negative ions into the environment, which boost serotonin in our brains. These invigorating biochemical reactions give us oomph, ease sadness, and alleviate tension.

Moving water channels, such as fire hydrants, are forces to be reckoned with. Pollutants and contaminates stand no chance of diluting the purity of highly pressurized fluids. Likewise, God wants us to be so full of His Word, faith and power that sin and temptations are immobilized.

Growing up in church, I can still remember the familiar chorus by Harper G. Smith, “Make Me a Channel of Blessing.” The old hymn asks the singer questions like does God’s love flow though you? Are you serving and reaching the lost? Is your life a waterway of blessing?

The Lord wants to use your entire being a channel of blessing. He longs to pump a perpetual fresh supply of His living water into the lives of others through you. It all begins with faith and prayer. Thomas Manton once said, “Faith is the fountain of prayer, and prayer should be nothing but faith exercised.” Have a great day!



In 1 Thessalonians 4:11, we’re encouraged to, “Make it your goal to live a quiet life.” Am I the only one who finds this harder and harder to do? It seems from the time I awake up in the morning until day’s end noise, chatter, and clamor surround me. Even when trying to enjoy a quiet dinner out, I always get the table next to the overtired baby or have to listen to one of the blaring TV’s overhead. I know, I sound like an old man.

Later in this same verse, the Apostle implies that we can cultivate a quiet lifestyle if we mind our own business and work with our hands. (In other words, keep busy and don’t be so nosy.)

The respected speaker and author, Elizabeth Elliot gives this insight. “Silence, as someone has said, is the mother of prayer and the nurse of holy thoughts. Silence cuts down on our sins, doesn’t it? We can’t be sinning in so many different ways if we are being quiet before God. Silence nourishes patience, charity, and discretion.”

When I practice silence, an atmosphere is produced in which the still small voice of God can be heard and understood. In a state of silence, prayer no longer has to be conversational. Instead, it can be a quiet contemplation, a communion of His thoughts and mine.

As we move into this Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll be spending sometime away with family and friends and taking a short break from Tude-Talk. My prayer for you during this season is that you would cultivate silence – letting it generate patience, love, and good judgment. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!