Eric had waited four weeks to see Jill, after she left for college. Last night, he picked out some new clothes and even got a haircut. They had been high school sweet hearts for the last two years. His teachers had warned Eric that he wasn’t “college material,” but he could care less. He had a good job as a roofer and was attending the Vo-Tech school at night to become an electrician. Eric ignored the guys shouting to him on the roof , He had to catch this text. It was from Jill.

Almost slipping off the roof, Eric sat down to catch his balance. There would be no date tonight or weekend to remember. Jill had just broken up with him. Via text. A TEXT? Dejected and depressed he returned to work, but couldn’t concentrate. Without his head in the game there was nothing left to do, but go home early.

A weekend with nothing to do didn’t help Eric’s loneliness. Jill had been his world. How could she have found someone new so quick? Thoughts of self doubt and insecurity bombarded his mind. His prayers to God weren’t getting above the ceiling. In his attempt to get closer to Jill he had cut everyone else off.
Trudging through his Bible, he saw the Psalms he had marked in middle school. Some of them began to jump off the page at him. He remembered King David’s depression.

Eric tried to pray, but his nerves were jangled. He wondered how King David prayed when he couldn’t get the words out. Did sighs, groans, or tears count as prayers? If so then he’d been praying all day.
Eric knew a better mood wouldn’t help. There was no way he clean up his sins first before coming to God.

He could see now that Jill had become his idol.

When the words wouldn’t come, Eric moved to his knees beside the bed. It was there in that tiniest movement of contrition that God responded by bringing to his mind a picture of the prodigal son. He could see his Father running down an old country road to hug him. All of a sudden a warmth and deep sense of peace had invaded Eric’s room. He knew it wasn’t the end of loneliness and that his relationships would have to be repaired, yet he had been reunited with his most important friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Like Eric, we don’t have to spend our lives lonely and stuck. God’s hand of love and forgiveness is always outstretched. Make sure you’re united with Him before beginning this day. Have a great weekend.



No one enjoys that sinking feeling that comes from realizing you’re suddenly all alone. It’s that little crying kid in a store that loses his parent and sense of direction. The pre-teen dumped by her first boyfriend. The young adult who finds himself orphaned after his parents are killed in a plane crash. Being lost is upsetting and hurts.

When others ignore, dump, or neglect us it often triggers past issues of hurt and pain. We cling to wanting to be accepted and loved and look to others to meet these basic human needs. That’s why when scripture tells us that we must decrease so the He (God) can increase it scares us.

None the less, at each stage of spiritual growth we’re asked to deny ourselves. Jesus tells is in Matthew 16:24, “if you want to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross and follow me.” (NLT.)

Most of us don’t want to do that because we’ve been hurt in the past. Fredrick Faber describes it this way, “Holiness is an un-selfing of ourselves. Are you willing to have your loving God’s manifest glory revealed and operating through your life today? If so then it’s time to “Un-self.” Have a great weekend!